Zamp Solar RV Solar Panels

Feb 1, 2012   //   by   //   Videos  //  No Comments This video review discusses the portable RV solar panels from Zamp Solar. The portable RV solar panels reviewed include the ZS-40-P and the ZS-80-P. The panels come in a self-contained carrying case and include a sophisticated charging system that is designed to maximize the charge and lifetime of your batteries. — Transcript — Today we’re here to review the Zamp Solar portable solar panel, the ZS-40-P. It’s a great little unit that is designed to charge your batteries or maintain your batteries in your motorhome or your marine applications. It’s a self contained unit with it’s own carrying case. You can see here it is like a two-sided brief case. You simply open it up and it has everything you need inside. It’s got its own charging system, a smart charger that actually maintains your battery. It looks at how much charge is in your battery and adjusts according to the needs of the battery. It has it’s own folding legs that are fully adjustable so you can get the right angle for the sun you’re going after. It’s got its own cable system. The cable system allows you to place the unit in the best possible sunshine. Most people don’t want to part their RV in the sun, you can park your RV in the shade and use the cable to get this out where the sun is. It’s a fairly long cable that has two alligator clips to hook up to your battery system. It also has its own connector system so that you can get a hardwired connector for your motorhome or for your boat
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